If your treatment involves a surgical procedure you are required to provide consent for the procedure. This will involve a detailed discussion regarding:

  1. Why the treatment is being proposed
  2. What the alternatives are
  3. What the procedure will involve
  4. The anticipated benefits and risks of the procedure:
    1. Risks discussed include any ‘Serious’ risks, as well as any risks that may be considered ‘likely’. These discussions would usually include upsetting topics such as the risk of death or major disability. The discussion must take place as these are ‘Serious’ risks even if they are typically very unlikely.
  5. How you would typically recover from the procedure including a typical in-patient stay and plans for discharge
  6. Activity limitations following the surgery
  7. Return to work plan
  8. Follow up plans

Please review the information on this website regarding commonly performed procedures. This includes detailed information regarding consent, surgery and recovery.

Detailed consent and financial consent is taken at the time when surgical management is decided. Confirmation of consent will also be discussed prior to your procedure. Please feel free to ask any questions during this process as I can only address concerns if you raise them. An operation can be cancelled at any time until it has begun but if you have concerns prior to a procedure it is best to discuss them before the day of surgery. Please feel free to either arrange another appointment or a telephone or video-conference, prior to the surgery, to discuss consent or concerns.

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