Prior to your primary evaluation and follow up consultations Mr Hall asks all patients to complete an assessment form. This gives you the opportunity to detail your problem in a comprehensive, systematic way that you can put thought into before to appointment. This includes diagrams and scoring systems to help you convey your subjective experience. We will keep this as part of your record. Please download and complete this form prior to your appointment to ensure you get the most out of your consultation.

New patient assessment form

Mr Hall consults atGeelong neurosurgery at Epworth hospital Geelong. He is happy to see any referred patient in his rooms though all patients are charged a small ‘out of pocket’ fee. This includes non-insured patients as well as insured, Workcover and TAC patients. He is happy to see any patient referred to his weekly public hospital clinic at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

In preparation for your consultation please complete your assessment form and ensure you bring your referral and any relevant scans to the appointment. If you wish, it can be helpful for family members attend your appointment with you. This will give your loved ones the chance to ask questions and support you.

If you wish for an interpreter to be present at Geelong neurosurgery at Epworth hospital Geelong please contact the rooms prior to the appointment and we can direct you towards interpreting services, which you can arrange for your consultation.

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