Mr Nick Hall is a consultant Neurosurgeon based at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Melbourne Private Hospital as well as at Geelong neurosurgery at Epworth hospital Geelong. He is dedicated to excellence in patient care. He believes that good surgical results are underpinned by detailed patient evaluation, meticulous and precise surgery and careful post-operative care.

Mr Hall has several areas of specific expertise for which he has undertaken advanced level fellowship training. Following qualification as a neurosurgeon he spent eighteen months at the prestigious ‘Addenbrookes, Cambridge University Hospital’ in the U.K. where he specialised in complex skull base and minimally invasive spine surgery. Addenbrookes neurosurgery department is a world leading institution, performing the UK’s highest volume of minimally invasive spine surgery and one of only two centres in the UK licenced by the UK government to place brainstem implants and treat highly complex patients with NF-2.

Mr Hall’s subspecialty expertise thus includes: treatment of all skull base tumours including acoustic neuromas, meningiomas and pituitary tumours. He also has a special interest in the treatment of patients with trigeminal neuralgia.

Mr Hall’s subspecialty training in minimally invasive spine surgery offers patients a complete range of surgical treatments for all spine related disease. Minimally invasive spine surgery allows the surgery to be performed through ‘keyhole’ portals without the need for large incisions. This means that patients are able to mobilise and resume activities earlier after their surgery.

As well as his areas of subspecialty expertise Mr Hall is also happy to consult and treat patients with a diverse range of other neurosurgical conditions and refer and recommend patients to other neurosurgical subspecialists.

In addition to neurosurgical practise Mr Hall remains engaged in on-going academic activities in both research and teaching in conjunction with Melbourne University Department of Surgery. His research background includes the use of stem cells to regenerate cervical inter-vertebral discs. This work formed the basis for both scholarship funding (Medtronic platinum scholarship) and the award of the Royal College of Surgeons ‘R.C Bennett medal’ prize. Mr Hall has also published on skull base tumours in both journals and international textbooks.

Nick was born and educated in the UK including medical school and basic surgical training. He moved to Melbourne in 2005.

Nick has many interests outside work, mostly sporting in nature. Outside the operating theatre he feels most at home in the wilderness, trail running. When not able to ‘get away’ he continues to row, a sport in which he was a national (UK) champion at university level with Nottingham University in 2000. He also loves to compete in marathon, triathlon and trail running events.

Mr Nick Hall holds a Consultant Neurosurgeon position at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He is happy to see all patients including Work Cover, TAC and uninsured patients at both Geelong neurosurgery at Epworth hospital Geelong and Parkville Neurosurgery (Melbourne Private Hospital).

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